Buying a pack n play mattress is a great deal that you can save a lot of money for other needs of your family. However, a safe pack and play needs to ensure the safety for your baby or child, keep them safe from climbing or crawling out of the crib. Also, it has to be stable that the distance between the bars are suitable and your child will not fall or be stuck. Pack and play is an extremely useful product for making a private and safe environment for baby (to child), which helps them to be independent sooner. However, a cheap pack and play are safe for your baby only when you know how to choose the right one which has to be suitable, comfortable and reasonable. Below are some things you need to know when buying a pack and play.

You better choose pack and play that is made of wood because it will last longer, has better use value and look more elegance. When choosing a wooden pack and play, you should check carefully the surface to be sure that it’s flat, smooth and unscratched. The borders must be rounded not sharpened because sharp borders may hurt the baby and lead to phobia, your baby may not want to be in the crib just because of this tiny reason.



A safe pack and play have to ensure that it keeps the baby from the risk of climbing over or crawling through. Moreover, you also need to choose cheap pack and play which is adjustable in height so you can adjust based on your baby’s height. For a baby who is learning to stand, parents should not let the bar too low, the baby may get out of the crib. In addition, parents should especially notice to put the pack and play far away from drapes, curtains, and windows, because the baby can climb out, pull and cling on those things which lead to the risk of falling or worse. So you are wondering where to buy an ideal pack and play? Click here: